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Category: Euro 2012

This is a top vs bottom, best vs worst. Basically France are at the top of the group and Sweden are at the bottom. For Sweden as Erik Hamren (their manager) said this is a game that is for pride, to make their fans happy and go into the World Cup qualifiers in good form. For France this game is very important so that they can come 1st in their group and play Italy instead of Spain. They are definitely favorites.

But lets see what the odds say:

Sweden: 4/1                                              Draw: 11/4                                                France: 4/6

My prediction is that France control the game and win 2-0. With the likes of Benzema, Evra, Ribery and Nasri they are a very good team and are likely to prove to be a good attacking threat.

So like the odds and everybody else says Sweden are the underdogs. But lets see if they can prove everyone wrong at 19h45 English time.

This is the BIG GAME!

England only need to draw to make it through but if they lose they are out of the competition. For Ukraine they can get no less than 3 points, and if they win they will make it through. With their fans backing them up Ukraine will be very confident and maybe give England.

One thing is that for England Wayne Rooney is coming back and unless he plays as awful as he did 2 years ago in the World-Cup he will make a difference. But it’s exactly the opposite for Ukraine as their star player Andriy Shevchenko is injured and they will struggle for fire power at the front of the park. England definitely have the advantage but does that mean that much?

Lets look at the odds:

England: 1/1                                          Draw: 12/5                                         Ukraine: 11/4

With the likes of Chamberlain, Young, Gerrard, Welbeck, Carroll, Rooney and Parker England are going to be hard to play against but then again Ukraine are at home. I reckon England will win 3-1.

This for me will most likely be a very one-sided game. I think that Italy will control most of the game. Looking from Ireland’s perspective this is just a game to gain some respect but for Italy this is a game that if they don’t win they are out of the competition.

With the fire power up front like Balotelli and Antonio Di Natale they will probably score many and maybe make it through to the next round if the other team’s results go their way.

Here are the odds:

Italy: 4/11                                          Draw: 19/5                           R. Ireland: 8/1

This game starts at 19h45 English time and will most likely be a high             goal-scoring game and very entertaining.

My prediction, like I’ve already said, is that Italy will run riot and the final score will be 5-1 to Italy.

This is a very important game for both teams because they both have 4 points and are tie for the top of the group, so a win or a draw at least is vital for both teams if they wish to make it to the knock-out stage where they will most likely play England or France.

Croatia are the major underdogs and are going to struggle against a team as strong as the World-Cup winning side Spain who are striving in confidicence after their thrashing of the Republic of Ireland.

As usual lets look at the odds:

Croatia: 9/1                                                  Draw 11/4                         Spain: 4/9

My prediction is that Spain will easily win and Italy will make it through instead of Croatia.


For Netherlands they are mathematically in it but unless their is some kind of miracle they are out of the Euros, on the other hand for Portugal if they win this they stand a very good chance of making it to the quarters.

This is going to be a very good game with the likes of Nani, Ronaldo, Huntelaar, De Jong and Van Persie. I reckon that it will be very tight and both teams will play brilliant football. This game will be very tightly contested and starts at 8pm English time.

Here are the odds:

Netherlands: 6/4                                 Draw: 12/5                       Portugal: 7/4

Looking at the odds shows how close these teams are. My prediction is that Portugal will win 2-1.

This is not as important as the other game but Denmark are still desperate for a win. Germany have already basically made it to the knock-out stage and will most likely but their 2nd team in this game.

But for Denmark they need to win this to historically get out of the group of depth. Denmark won’t be a very easy team to play against as the beat Holland and gave Portugal a tough time eventually losing 3-2.

Now, if Germany put in their 2nd team they will probably be quite equal compared to Denmark but if they put their 1st team out I don’t think Denmark will stand any chance.

Here are the odds:

Denmark 5/1                                        Draw: 13/5                       Portugal: 8/13

So my prediction is that if Germany put out their first team they will win 3-1 but if they put out their second team they will lose 2-1.

These 2 teams are coming into this game completely differently. Germany come in on the back of a win against Portugal, but Holland did themselves no favours when they lost to Denmark.

They are both very good teams, with the Netherlands making it to the final in 2010 and Germany making it to the semis. They are very evenly matched and this is going to be a very good time.

It starts at 8pm English time and is a much watch game.

Here are the odds:

Netherlands: 19/10                    Draw: 23/10                 Germany: 7/5

I think that Holland will bounce back in style with a dominant 3-0 beating of Germany.

This game is important for 2 different reasons for each team. For Denmark they are 1 win away from securing their place in the knock-out stage of the competition and if Portugal don’t win this they will get knocked – out of the competition.

These are the odds:

Denmark: 7/2                                Draw: 12/5                 Portugal: 5/6

It starts at 5pm English time and is a do or die game for Portugal and very important for Denmark as if they don’t win this they will have to beat Germany in the final group game.

I fancy an upset for this game and that Denmark will win 2-1. The last time they played Denmark won 2-1 so anything can happen.

There are many stand-out favorites this year, the main 3 at the beginning of the Euros obviously being Holland, Spain and Germany.

Holland’s hope were given a sucker punch when they lost to Denmark with the fire power like Van Persie, Huntelaar and Kuyt at front they are definitely not short of attacking. If they start firing in the goals they could still make it out of this group so don’t be surprised if they bounce back

Spain are backed up by back to back tournament victories, these being the Euro 2008 and The World Cup 2010. They have came into this competition with high hopes and with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas and Torres they could be the first team to win 3 major tournaments in a row.

Germany on the other hand were beaten by Spain in the semis of the Fifa World Cup and this would be perfect time for revenge. With a hole team of young and old talent they can tear teams apart and are likely to make the semis at the very least.

But then again there are many other decent teams which stand a chance this June including France, Italy and England and maybe even Portugal.

My predictions are that because of England’s defensive tactics they will not make it any further than the semi – finals and they would have to be extremely lucky for this to even happen.

The team that England faced was France who were exceptional with Laurent Blanc’s tactics working brilliantly. They were on the front foot for 80 of the 90 minutes of the game and their agressive offensive tactics were brilliant. The only reason they only scored one goal was because they were playing against 8 defenders. They should win their group and they have a  good chance of reaching the semis.

Then theirs Italy, who managed to give Spain a hard time which is never easy. Di Natale put them into the lead before Spain drew level through Fabregas. Italy have a very solid defense and the only problem is their attack finnishing wise. If they can get that problem sorted out they will do very well. I tip them to make it to the semis and maybe all the way.

So these are the teams which I predict will make it to the semis:

Spain, Germany, Italy, Holland